Mid-Week Peaks

Happy Wednesday, friends! I hate to wish my days away, but I’m loving that we’re already halfway to the weekend after the Monday holiday. As I get my footing with this little blog, I’d like to introduce something I hope to do each Wednesday – My Mid-Week Peaks.

Some of my best memories as a kid are the weeks I spent at summer camp. For eight (nine?) years I spent a week each summer buried in the mountains of West Virginia, my days filled with hiking, canoeing, tie-dying and worship. (And the Cup Game. We were on to the Cup Game way before Anna Kendrick.) As the sun would set we would gather around the campfire, our counselors encouraging us to share our “Peaks” and “Valleys” of the day.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been up on that mountain, but these moments of reflecting on the day’s highs and lows stick with me. J can vouch that I have a knack for prompting him to share his Peaks and Valleys right as he starts to fall asleep each night. (He loves it.) Each Wednesday I’d like to share a few of my peaks with you – here are a few highlights from the past week:

-A Visit from Friends

In addition to having a long weekend, our Memorial Day holiday was made even better by a visit from our friends Brittany and Brent. It was so wonderful to spend Saturday and Sunday with them catching up. We strolled Annapolis, enjoyed good food, played some mini golf (J is still reeling from his loss to Brittany), and attended an Orioles game before they headed back home to their baby boy Sunday evening.


-Fresh Flowers!

Having company over the weekend meant an excuse for fresh flowers in the apartment. I picked up a small bouquet at Trader Joe’s on Friday, and the blooms still look great. I love having fresh flowers around, and the cat has even been leaving them alone. It’s the simple things.

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-Hiking at Watkins Regional Park

J and I had the day to ourselves Monday, so we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and check out a regional park nearby. The park has a fun nature center, and we spent a few hours scoping out the critters (sheep!) and hiking around the trails. It was a great laid-back way to wrap up the long weekend and ease back into the week.

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-Sweet Words from You!

I have been getting such a wonderful response from you all about my posts and starting the blog. This has definitely been a peak of my week! Thank you for your support!

So there we have it, my mid-week peaks! Thanks for sticking with me through all those words. What’s been a highlight of your week?


3 thoughts on “Mid-Week Peaks

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