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Update on My Summer Bucket List

cape cod

So, my Summer Bucket List. It feels like just last week I was writing up the list and anxiously anticipating the summer months ahead. Now here we are in the middle of September and I’m already Googling new cognac boots and spending too much money on fall scented candles from Bath and Body Works.

This summer went far from planned. To start, we moved. We had started looking at some new little nest options but weren’t planning on moving until later this season. However, we fell in love with an apartment and it was priced appropriately. In this area those two factors mean ACT NOW. So we did. While we accomplished some things on the Bucket List, many got left behind or forgotten altogether. Despite that, it truly was an amazing summer. We traveled, we “cheers-ed”, we laughed, we lived in the moment, and we were certainly never bored.

Here’s the rundown on our list:

– Read 8 books between Memorial Day and Labor Day

So, I didn’t make it to eight. I think I read five? When I created the list I anticipated reading much more on my vacations to Cape Cod and Europe than I actually did. Aside from travel time in the car or planes, I hardly read at all on those trips, which is actually probably a good sign. I will say that by creating a book list I really made it a point to pick up the titles I wanted to read. The list helped put the reading process back into my daily routine (even if I was only reading a few pages before bed), and that was ultimately the point. I definitely plan to create a fall reading list to share later this month.

– Go to Six Flags

Yep, we didn’t make it. We truly had no free weekends, and with all the other awesome things we were doing it never even crossed our minds.

– Attend at least one outdoor concert

Woo! We can actually cross this one off the list. Early in the summer we saw that Gavin DeGraw and Matt Nathanson were going to be performing at Wolf Trap and we scooped up tickets and blocked out the evening on our calendar. Wolf Trap is a really fun and unique concert venue with a rustic vibe. They allow everyone to bring in their own blankets, picnic baskets, and alcohol, so we packed up nibbles and a bottle of wine and had a really perfect summer date night.

– Try three new restaurants in our area

I know we had to have done this, but I’m having trouble remembering what restaurants we frequented all summer. Crepes, BBQ, and lots of fresh seafood were all part of our summer diets, and we made it a point to try out new spots when we went out. While not at all in our area, the best meal we ate this season was hands-down at Barbecoa in London.

– Visit two new local Farmer’s Markets

I made it to the Annapolis market (meh), but so far I still haven’t gotten to Fell’s Point for theirs. Free Saturday mornings were at a premium. It is still on my list to get to though, and fall markets are sometimes even better than summer!

– Go to Sandy Point State Park

Nope, didn’t make it. Like Six Flags, it never even crossed our minds. Maybe next year!

– Visit a local winery

Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to an actual winery. I did get to a few wine festivals and tried lots of new local wines – even finding some new favorites and go-tos. Boordy still has some events happening this fall, and I’m going to keep this goal for the coming season.

– Make homemade doughnuts

In the midst of travel and moving this never happened. For a couple of weeks there I was doing minimal cooking, let alone baking. Now that my pots and pans are unpacked and I’ve gotten the hang of my new gas stove (love it!) I may give this a go.

– Have a picnic outside on a blanket

We did this a few times, but as mentioned above, my favorite picnic was definitely at the Gavin/Matt concert.

– Make caprese salad using basil and tomatoes from my own plants

So the neighborhood we lived in before we moved in August was pretty residential and had deer. Lots and lots of deer. When my first few tomatoes started to appear back in June the deer swept in and ate my plant down to a stump. It is just finally recovering and has a few lone green tomatoes sprouting, but I have low hopes. We have much better outdoor space at our new apartment and I can’t wait to start fresh in the spring.

– Craft something

I think I crafted a few things over the last few months, but I honestly can’t remember. I did finally get around to staining an unfinished wood crate over Labor Day weekend. We used it as part of our wedding reception decor, and I’ve been meaning to stain it for two years now. Inspired by my new outdoor patio space and a three day weekend, I set about staining it and turning it into a small bookshelf/side table. I love the end result and the bit of personality it adds to our primarily Ikea-furnished living space.

– Buy a piece of artwork while traveling

Unfortunately, this never happened. We never saw anything that really struck us that we loved enough to haul around. We do plan to go through some photos and hopefully get some great prints from our travels to add to a gallery wall that is on our to-do list.

So, we didn’t do all that well at crossing things off the list, but so is life. What was something on your summer bucket list that you never got to? Or, what was something fun and unexpected you did this season? xx


Week in Photos: Cape Cod

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Wardrobe Wishing: Vacation Edition

The Monday Blues are hitting me hard after a near-perfect weekend filled with gorgeous sunshine, wine tastings, pulled pork barbecue, and a visit from my best friend.

Even though J and I have more busy and fun-filled weekends ahead, our first “real” vacation of the summer is still six weeks away, and I’ve got a serious case of wanderlust. I’m coping with a little online window shopping and a Wardrobe Wishing: Vacation Edition. Enjoy!

Anchor Print Eyelet Dress

Anchor Print Eyelet Dress – Vineyard Vines – $158.00

Anchors, eyelet, oh my! I love this little dress from Vineyard Vines. The classic style and colors make it feel really wearable, and I think it is a piece that would become a summer wardrobe favorite for years to come.

Libanona Fedora - anthropologie.com

Libanona Fedora – Anthropologie – $48.00

My short hair makes ponytails and other summer hairstyles a no-go. Hats are critical at the beach to hide wet or wind-blown locks, and this pretty little fedora feels feminine and practical. I love the floral pattern, and I think the colors would mix well with a lot of my summer staples.

TOUCAN sandals

Toucan Sandals – Kate Spade New York – $250.00

Talk about wanderlust! These whimsical sandals would make even a day in the office feel like a vacation! These were just too fun to leave off the list, and don’t forget – we’re just wishing here.

Miami Pink Aerie Bandeau Bikini Top

Bandeau Bikini Top – Aerie – $14.99 (on sale + free shipping)

I usually play it pretty safe with colors and patterns, but I love the playfulness of this top. I have a pair of turquoise swim bottoms that I think would coordinate with this piece really well, and with a sale price + free shipping, this might just make it past the wishlist. As a bonus, Aerie is at the top of my list for fave companies right now because of their commitment to NOT Photoshopping the models in their marketing photos. Find out more about the Aerie Real Campaign here.

Captiva Tunic Cover-Up

Captiva Tunic Cover-Up (Bright Navy Tusk in Sun) – Lilly Pulitzer – $118.00

I talked about my love for all things “elephant” themed in my last Wardrobe Wishlist, so this fun Lilly tunic should come as no surprise. I love the coverage on the arms (sometimes a fair-skinned girl has had enough sun.) Although I would never pay this much for a cover-up, I’ll definitely be on the look-out for a less expensive copycat style.

What do you think? Would you wear any of these pieces? Help me battle my wanderlust – where are you headed on vacation this summer?

Have a great week! xx