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Mid-Week Peaks

Phew, it’s Wednesday! We’ve had a busy week around here. We’re West Virginia bound on Friday, and the four-day work week is making  the summer days fly by. Here are this week’s Mid-Week Peaks:

  • A Friday in Chinatown

chinatown gatesJ was still out of town on Friday, so I metro-ed the few stops over to Chinatown to meet my friends Briana and Mike at Matchbox for happy hour after work. They were in town for a little anniversary trip, and it was wonderful to share some wine and appetizers and catch up. Mike was actually one of the first friends I made in college, and Briana and I are sorority sisters. It’s always great to reminisce a bit with old friends – plus they are a super adorable couple. After happy hour, I headed to PennSocial where my coworker’s boyfriend was playing a set. PennSocial always has a super relaxed feel, and it was nice to hang out and watch some of the World Cup while listening to some fun music. There are also board games, and who doesn’t enjoy a lively round of Jenga on a Friday?

After leaving PennSocial I took Uber (get a free ride with referral code: mrhky) back to pick up my car at work, and as the driver took me through the city with the windows rolled down, I couldn’t help but think how blessed I am. When I moved to DC two and half years ago it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. I left behind friends, family, and a fiance (who luckily didn’t take long to follow) to start a new job in an unfamiliar city. The first year I was here was tough – J and I were broke and planning a wedding, and all I wanted was my mom or my best friend to just go to Michael’s with me to buy craft supplies. But seriously. Now, as I hop from place to place on a Friday evening and watch the monuments blur by as I ride through the city on a perfect summer night – I know I made the right decision.

  • A Quiet Saturday

Carrie loves JSaturday ended up being a quiet day for me. With the exception of a quick trip out to the gym, I took it easy around the apartment and used the gloomy gray clouds as an excuse to clean out my closet and watch a lot of New Girl on Netflix. It was a much needed “me-time” kind of day, but I was happy when J got home that evening. Although, I think Carrie was even happier. As guys do, J plopped his pile of stuff down by the door when he came in on Saturday, and Carrie stayed tucked around his bags through Sunday evening when I finally made him put them away. He’s definitely her favorite.

  • Sunday Funday in Annapolis

DSCN0165After spending most of the weekend apart, J and I were happy to head out and spend a sunny Sunday in Annapolis. We visited the waterfront Farmer’s Market (1 market down on the Summer Bucket List!) and enjoy the beautiful morning. The historic downtown was bustling, and we caught each other up on our weekends apart while enjoying crepes, some photography, and perfect waterside scenery.

I wish I could say our work week has been as much fun as our weekend, but with lots of things on the to-do list before we head out of town for the weekend, the highlight of my weeknights has been cookies and cream ice cream and new episodes of my favorite ABC Family Shows. By the way, where exactly are they going with The Fosters? And is it just me, or was “Hefty Hanna” not really that hefty? Anyway, how’s your week been? Any highlights to share? xx

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Weekend in Photos

chinatown gatesbriana and emily 6.20.14mike and emily 6.20.14

anchors and sparklesImageImageImageImageImage


DSCN0204book and muffins 6.22.14

Mid-Week Peaks

Phew, Wednesday already! If you’re just joining me you can check out the story behind Mid-Week Peaks. Here are a few highlights from the past week:

-Discovered a “Hidden” Gem

A coworker invited me and J to come hear her boyfriend’s band play at a bar in Chinatown Friday evening, so after work we got ourselves together and decided to be social. Amidst the hustle and bustle of Chinatown on a Friday night, we ended up at Jackpot DC, a great laid-back basement bar with a good beer list and free popcorn. We would have walked right by if we weren’t looking for it, and it’s somewhere we’ll definitely be back to.

-Saturday in the City

J needed to do an errand in Northwest DC on Saturday, so we planned the day accordingly and headed out to enjoy the gorgeous weather. We spent the afternoon strolling through neighborhoods and enjoying each others company, even ducking into the Corcoran Gallery for a couple of  hours to take advantage of Free Summer Saturdays. The Corcoran was recently purchased by GWU, and its collection is being absorbed by the National Gallery sometime in the near future. Neither of us had been before, and the free admission was a great excuse to see one of DC’s original galleries in all of its glory while we still could. We wrapped up the day at Good Stuff Eatery on Capitol Hill, enjoying burgers and a milkshake for two. It was one of those perfectly ordinary, fantastic days.

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Aside from maybe cookies in the oven, because… um, cookies!, my favorite smell in the world is probably honeysuckle. I was walking through our neighborhood Monday evening and honeysuckle blooms were everywhere. The smell reminds me of being a kid, playing in the backyard with my brother, and picking the flower and tasting the “syrup” on walks with my mom down to the Dairy Queen for an after-dinner ice cream cone. Ah, summer.

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-J is Home!

This probably should have made the peaks-list last week, but J is officially on his summer hours at work and he’s home in the evenings! From late August – mid-May, J works until after 9:00pm each night. Add in his commute, and I’m lucky if he makes it home by 10. During the summer, he works a normal-person schedule and is home around 6:30. It’s so nice to have my buddy back in the evenings, and he’s a much better conversationalist than the cat.

So there we have it! How’s your week been? Any great highlights to share?