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Two Thousand Fifteen


Happy New Year! We officially went back to the daily grind Monday after a wonderful two week vacation over the holidays. Our time off was a pretty great mix of downtime, travel to see family, and fun plans around town and with friends.

Despite really missing having my morning coffee on the couch with a cat cuddled beside me, I’m excited to be back in a routine and am feeling refreshed as we start a new year. 2014 held so much excitement and adventure for us – travels both within the US and across an ocean, beautiful weddings of loved ones, new additions to the homes of our friends and even our own extended family – our nephew, Collin, was welcomed into the world at the start of December! – and meeting lots of new people along the way.

In completely un-me fashion, I awoke on January 1st with no real urge to do anything but spend the day relaxing with J and being perfectly content in the moment. And we did just that, watching the Rose Parade before going through movie after movie snuggled up with mimosas, bacon, and a snoring cat. I’d like to think that was a good start to a 2015 resolution of mine – being just a little easier on my type-A self and accepting less-than-perfect as perfectly ok.

I recently saw a quote that read, “Love the home you’re in.” This resonated with me on many levels. I’m a tried and true perfectionist, and while that tough-on-myself attitude can be great at times, it can also be pretty darn exhausting always worrying about self-set standards and expectations. This year, I want to love the home I’m in by applying this philosophy to my relationships with others, career, stage of life, and even my actual “home.”

So, here’s to you, two thousand fifteen. I can’t wait to see what you have in store.



On Life this Month

DSCN0792Whew, it’s been quite the month, guys.

We’ve been working away, doing some local-ish traveling, enjoying lots of fall-y things, watching too many TV shows, and making small updates to the apartment along the way. Get ready for lots of words.

I kicked off the month with a trip to Pittsburgh for Duquesne’s homecoming. Despite being a frigid first weekend of October, it was great to spend time with some besties, meet the beautiful new daughter of a wonderful friend, and trek around campus a bit. So many good memories from my four years there. The only downside to the weekend was that it was only two days. If only the real world didn’t exist and I could just spend a week trolling around Pittsburgh doing absolutely nothing at all.

I’m also smack in the middle of “campaign” (not political) season for my job, so the work weeks have been a bit of a blur with lots of moving around the city to different government buildings. On the plus side, nothing makes me feel more like an independent lady than lugging my display board and suitcase filled with premiums up a busy non-working Metro escalator, taking my heels along for the ride. And thank you sir, but I don’t need assistance. Strong women unite.

J’s job is keeping him busy as well. I went to a late-night homecoming pep rally with him one Friday evening and it was awesome to see him in his element interacting with some of the students and his coworkers. However, I was called “Mrs. K” on more than one occasion by his kids, and I’m pretty sure my brow earned a new wrinkle every time.

In addition to some work and a little travel here and there, we’ve been doing our best to check things off our Fall Bucket List. Earlier this month we got to enjoy an Oktoberfest party with my sorority alumnae chapter, and this past weekend we carved our pumpkins and had a little beer tasting of our own, with a side of pumpkin cheesecake from Wegman’s. Carrie supervised from the screen door, which has become her favorite spot in the apartment thanks to the cool fall breeze and lots of leaves flying by for her to “hunt.” We also spent the weekend catching up on “How to Get Away with Murder.” I’m not quite sure how I did it, but somehow I’ve gotten J to watch a Shonda Rhimes show with me.


Things have been coming along on getting our apartment together. In the past I’ve been in a rush to just purchase things to make a space feel more complete, but I’m trying to really take my time this go-around. Luckily, our apartment is small so it isn’t like we have rooms and rooms to fill (only three, actually), but our tastes are constantly evolving and what we picked even two years ago doesn’t fully fit our style any more. Knowing this, we are trying to focus on quality pieces and purchasing things we think will have a longer shelf life in this and future homes. We got the base of our gallery wall hung, and I finally decided on curtains for the bedroom. True story, we have been hanging beach towels in our bedroom windows at night because we didn’t have curtains and the cat would try to climb the blinds if we left them down while we slept. Needless to say, I’m excited for our curtain rod to come in this week so we can hang the drapes and sheers and act like some-what civilized adults. It’s ok to judge us, I do too.


That’s about life for us this month. What’s new with you? Done anything fun and seasonal or tackled a home project? Enjoy the rest of the week! xx

6 Low-Key Date Ideas for the Fall Season


As the leaves begin to turn and the themed aisles of Target quickly turn from back-to-school to an odd combination of both Halloween and Christmas, there’s no arguing autumn is in full swing. In previous years, this is usually the time when I accept that I won’t see my husband until the end of March due to a busy basketball-centered travel and work schedule. However, the beginning of this summer brought about a promotion and change of work responsibilities for J, and he’s no longer at the office until nine every evening or on road trips through the weekends. With a new found ability to spend more time together this fall and winter, I thought I’d brainstorm and share some inexpensive and low-key “date” ideas for the months ahead.

1. Spend a Saturday afternoon at a local watering hole sharing a pitcher and watching college football
Even non-sports enthusiasts can appreciate the atmosphere of a cold drink, greasy appetizers, and cheers from fans on game day.

2. Head to the kitchen together and spend the day making each other’s favorite cookies
With the exception of after-dinner dishes and heating up frozen pizza, J pretty much avoids the kitchen at all costs. However, if anything is going to lure him in, it’s the promise of cookies. This is a great opportunity to turn off the TV, put aside the cell phones, and maybe even learn something new about each other.

3. Paint a wall in your home and share takeout pizza when it’s complete
Quality time together and little home improvement? Sounds like a win in my book! Painting just one wall is an inexpensive and easy way to add a quick update to a tired space. If you’re anything like us, you’ll appreciate spending the money on paint and supplies much longer than you would a date out.

4. Carve pumpkins and enjoy a meal from the slow cooker
Throw your favorite one-pot meal or stew in the slow cooker and spend a Sunday afternoon carving pumpkins outside. When you come back in you’ll have a hot meal waiting for you to enjoy. This would be an awesome date-in to invite another couple to share in.

5. Go for a hike – or head out on a geocaching adventure
As part of our anniversary date last month, J planned an 8-mile hike and picnic around a local state park. It was fun to get a little lost together and enjoy the peacefulness of our surroundings. I also had a really fun time pretending to see snakes so J would freak out. I think we would love the added adventure of geocaching with our phones and finding “treasure” at the end.

6. Create your own Oktoberfest tasting
So many beer and wine stores around us are now offering customers the option to create their own six packs by purchasing individual bottles of premium beers. This is a great way to try new brands and flavors without too much commitment or expense. Head out with your partner and select a handful of pumpkin or Oktoberfest beers to try and then take back to your home to pour and share while you discuss what you like and don’t like.

Do you have a favorite or go-to low-key date? What’s something small you’re looking forward to enjoying this season?

Summer Bucket List

With Memorial Day Weekend marking the unofficial start of summer, I found myself sipping my coffee Monday morning with a breeze blowing through the screen door, contemplating what the season would bring. J and I have some really wonderful summer plans ahead, including a day trip to NYC, a week in Cape Cod with his family, and a trip to England and Scotland. Even with our planned travels, I can’t help but feel the itch to make this summer one to remember. Behold, my summer bucket list.

-Read 8 books between Memorial Day and Labor Day

I love to read, but I have noticed myself picking up a book less and less over the last couple of years. I blame Netflix. There are 15 weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day, so I have a little less than two weeks to get through each book. I’ll share my summer reading list in an upcoming post!

– Go to Six Flags

J and I live just a few miles away from Six Flags America here in Maryland, and we haven’t been. This summer it is!

– Attend at least one outdoor concert

There’s nothing better than sitting under the stars listening to live music. I need to scope out touring dates and see what my options are, but I hope to get to at least one outdoor concert, big or small.

– Try three new restaurants in our area

We are lucky to be surrounded by amazing food and restaurants, but we find ourselves heading back to old favorites. Between options in DC, Annapolis, and Baltimore, we should easily be able to check off some new spots by summer’s end and hopefully add a new favorite or two to the books.

– Visit two new local Farmer’s Markets

On the same note, there are Farmer’s Markets everywhere you turn around here during the warm weather months, but I tend to end up at the same ones. Two specifically on my list are the Annapolis Market by the water and the Fell’s Point Market in Baltimore.

– Go to Sandy Point State Park

Sandy Point State Park is a Maryland State Park located right before the Bay Bridge. It includes a sandy little beach on the Chesapeake Bay, as well as hiking and picnicking opportunities. We drive by it all the time, we just need to stop and make a day of it.

– Visit a local winery

There are tons of local wineries in the area, but the top of my list is Boordy Vineyards. Their Good Life Thursdays were on last year’s bucket list and I never made it, so I’m determined to get up there at least once this summer.

– Make homemade doughnuts

I don’t know why I’m so fascinated with the idea of making my own doughnuts, but I am, and it’s making the list. I hope you’re as excited to see how this turns out as I am.

– Have a picnic outside on a blanket

Easy enough, right?

– Make caprese salad using basil and tomatoes from my own plants

Urban gardening is tough, y’all. Currently I have three medium sized pots filled with basil, a tomato plant, and mint. So far, so good. I love coming home everyday to see how they’ve grown! The end goal is caprese and mojitos for everyone! BYOC – Bring your own chair. Our little nest has limited seating.

– Craft something

Anything will do. I’ll keep you posted.

– Buy a piece of artwork while traveling

Last but not least. As I mentioned above, we have some pretty stellar trips planned in the coming months, and I’d love to fall in love with a piece of artwork to add to our little space and help us remember the great summer of 2014 while we shiver during whatever polar vortex next winter has in store for us.

So there we have it! I imagine this will be a nice working document with some things added as we think of them, but if we accomplish all of this between now and Labor Day I’ll call it a win. What do you have planned? Anything on your summer bucket list?