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Fit for a Friday



Happy Friday! I hope everyone has some fun and/or relaxing weekend plans ahead. Here are a few links I’ve been loving from around the web this week.

Kate Spade Saturday for West Elm
West Elm and Kate Spade Saturday launched their collaboration this week and basically created the home collection of my dreams. I’m already trying to figure out a way to fit the Retro WingChair into my decor budget. (J, ignore that last sentence.)

12 Kitchen Looks Expected To Be Big In 2015
Open shelving, gorgeous wood textures, and modern traditional style would create my ideal kitchen space.

Dawww… Also, this is pretty much how I get through the snow too…

Single Lady 5-Minute Gooey Molten Chocolate Mug Cake
This looks delicious, even for us not-so-single ladies.

Have a great weekend, friends! xx


Fit for a Friday

It’s Friday! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week! We are about to start the 7-hour journey home to Charleston for a weekend visit, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. Here’s this week’s Fit for a Friday – a compilation of musings, findings, and favorite links I’ve stumbled across in the past week.

Gah, these pictures are gorgeous! I want to visit them all.


This teaser for Mockingjay, Part 1 gave me chills! I’m so excited for the third film in The Hunger Games series. Admittedly, I never read the books, so I honestly have no idea what is in store in the next two films. J enjoys The Hunger Games series as well, and we will definitely be headed to the theater together in November for Part 1.

I always enjoy checking out the What I Wear to Work features in the Washingtonian, and I can definitely get on board with “Bow Tie Fridays.” I love how Leigh accessorizes professionally while still letting his style shine through. Also, I want his job.

Photos from Washingtonian link by Lauren Joseph

Melissa from the fauxMartha always keeps it real, and she has the most lovely, simple recipes and photos. I’m completely craving a giant, homemade, icing covered sugar cookie after reading this post, and her sugar crystal sprinkles are perfection. I love that this is a recipe you could make and freeze for a sweet treat here and there. A cold sugar cookie would probably taste amazing during the summer heat. This is also a fun and durable cookie that could get transported around to family gatherings and potlucks. I’m sold.

Big Fat Sugar Cookies | The FauxmarthaAny great links you’ve seen around the web? Have a great weekend! xx

Fit for a Friday

Happy almost-weekend! I don’t know about you guys, but this week has been a rough one around here. Perhaps it was the gray clouds and daily rainstorms, or maybe just a mid-month slump, but the days were definitely dragging. Unfortunately my week isn’t quite over – I have a work event on Saturday – but I’m still grateful for the weekend and some downtime with J. Hopefully that downtime also includes some ice cream or fro-yo, just sayin’. Here’s this week’s Fit for a Friday – a compilation of musings, findings, and favorite links I’ve stumbled across in the past week.

This is a great outline of some basics everyone starting out needs to make their first home actually feel like home. Funny story re: Wine Bottle Opener. The one we currently own and love actually came from one of J’s neighbors when he lived in the outskirts of Pittsburgh. We picked up a bottle right after he moved not even thinking about the cork, and he ended up knocking on his neighbor’s door in hopes of borrowing an opener. The lady who answered handed over a very new looking 3-piece set and insisted he keep it because she never drinks. In retrospect, the poor woman was probably just terrified by the strange man at her door. Sidenote – if you actually know J, you know he is pretty much the least intimidating guy around. Just don’t try to steal a fry off his plate.

(original photo source)

Brown sugar buttermilk cake? Fluffy white chocolate frosting? Salty macadamia nuts? This cake sounds like perfection. I also love that the presentation actually looks like something I am capable of accomplishing (no triple-layered ombre frosted cakes for this gal.) Now I just need an excuse to make it!White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cake.. A simple brown sugar buttermilk cake with white chocolate frosting, topped with salty Macadamia Nuts!

You’re welcome. ❤

Anything awesome you’ve seen around the web this week? Have a great weekend, friends!